evolvability (noun) : the capacity to evolve or adapt to environmental change

Developing Leadership Capacity

We work with organizations to grow their ability to evolve; their leadership capacity. We partner with executives and leadership development professionals who want to:

Today's world - your operating environment, influenced as it is by technology, is changing faster than at any other time in human history. Consider global changes such as climate change, the growing influence of the internet, the debt crisis, or shifts in economic power towards China and India. Or think about the more specific changes in your industry or your organization.

How do you respond to these changes?

What patterns do you see in your organization's response?

Do you:

Evolvability is now the most important determinant of an organization's long-term success.

We believe that:

It is through this lens on leadership that we work. If you want more of this capacity within your organization - greater "evolvability", then we invite you to explore how we might work together.