Leadership Capacities

These are the leadership capacities which constitute evolvability. These are the core capacities required to raise consciousness and equip us to create in a world that is becoming more volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. They can also be seen as metacapacities, capacities which generate the ability to learn other valuable leadership skills.

Recognizing the emergent: the ability to see that something is coming, put attention to it and participate in it's creation.

Standing in ambiguity: the ability to manage the anxiety of not knowing, able to choose not to react.

Becoming the observer: the ability to observe myself as an actor while in the midst of action. Also the ability to be aware of my thoughts, emotions and intentions. Also the ability to observe others and their patterns of interaction with discernment and without judgment.

Creating distinctions: the ability to notice and articulate subtle differences in order to create shared meaning.